Saturday, 27 May 2017

Get you £10 million x X

Dr.s and consultants pride themselves on their ethics, and their Hippocratic oath ensured they read the paper on HIUS 2002, and validated the science.
Or all medical practice since 2002 has been criminal.
Continuing to use defective biochemistry IS criminal: rather than a 1 appointment total cure to cancer, High-Intensity UltraSound gives.
So if Dr.s have supervised a relatives' agonising biochemical death, go get your cheque for 10 million – after the bank holiday.  For each patient murdered.

The medic will them of course, hand himself into the police – 25 years for every patient killed.  An 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device would have totally cured them.
 Better still this is the 21st century - -mail them.  The Nufffield hospitals use the same defective medicine as the Christie – and charge to kill you! High-Intensity UltraSound would totally cure you – for 14 UK pounds. You could not even see a murderous Nuffield dr for that.

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