Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Free natural gas

At high pressure, with a spark, we are familiar with gas burning
1 CH4+pO2+P->CO2+H2O+E
But in 1910, Sabatier proved at low pressure and at temperature, gas unburned
2 CO2+H2O+E-P->CH4 +O3 the process reverses.
So if we feed CO2 and steam int oa lareg reactor vessel at 350oC, We get out natural gas and ozone. We draw off the ozone at the top, and natural gas at the base.
The CO2 we chill from the town or city air. And the ozone we chill and sell as liquif oxygen: it has a high commercial value.
This is why a low temperature Bunsen will burn with a black flame – or not light. Thermodynamics has put the Bunsen into unburn mode.
So we sell the gas, and customers burn it – t ogive us back our CO2 and water. So back t othe days of the town gas works. But we do not burn coal, we react CO2 and steam at 380oC and <1 atmosphere.="" p="">
So schools can set up to produce all their gas, and sell the excess to the gas grid. And this gas is carbon 0 – as it only releases toay, the CO2 taken in to form it yesterday.

Dr Chambers at my old chemistry department would say 'Good work – but what took so long with your homework?'

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