Friday, 19 May 2017

Doing nuclear fusion on Earth

When you reduce the pressure on the liqiud water all the water molecules reach the triple point. And as one molecule boils, 120 water molecule are forced out by the boiling water molecules. These molecules thrust hydrogen ions, to interact, and half of these will do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 2H2O+TU->He2++2OH-+E2+X-ray
So the energy release causes 40 water molecules to boil, with 64 times the dynamism of uranium fission. Which only has an 8 times multiplier – as we get a neutrons chain reaction. We have a 1,280 times multiplier – so all th water bubble boils, and all the water molecules locally boil.
So for a diesel engine, we inject a stream of water bubbles, reduce the pressure and get flash boiling and Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
We end up with a massive pressure of steam. The act of boiling off the water does nuclear fusion. And every chemist has seen the process. Boiling creates heat.
So reducing the pressure on water drops does clean, safe Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Heat with no toxic waste, CO2 or NO2. Drive your diesel off regular water, and get 160 times more power. No Fossil Fuels burn.
 And the sad thing is, we had the diesel in 1974. We just didn't realise then ran a lot better off water than fuel oil. No combustion required. And diesels are 4 times more powerful than patrol engines. And greener.   The current price of WTI crude oil as of May 19, 2017 is $49.87 per barrel.

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