Friday, 12 May 2017

Endless FREE light

A steam plasma tube: where we top up with regular water, and get free light for ever. My thanks here to Dr Z – who told me about Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001: and now is embarrassed he was so clever.
A Na fluorescent light gives out visible light and X-rays.
1 Na+TU->Na++e-+TU->L+E2+X-ray
So a fluorescent tube runs at 230oC, and gives out visible light and X-rays. This means it does nuclear fission from 11Na – a low atomic weight. There are 2 sources of visible light, nuclear fission and fusion.
A fluorescent tube loses weight, then stops shining – so we are doing atomic fission – from lowly sodium. And produce no hyper toxic radioactive waste. Na from sea water – into light (heat and X-rays).
Here is the physics – skip unless you are a professor of physics.
2 1123Na++e- ->1023Ne 23Ne not stable – decays very in 37.24(12) seconds
And a neon plasma gives out so much light. The electron has bonded with the Na, turning a proton into a neutron.
3 23Ne->211B+L+E+X-ray
4 11Be++e- ->35Li decays in 1.1 milliseconds
5 5Li+->2H++L+E+X-ray
6 2H++e- ->L+E2+X-ray
7 Na+TU->5(L+E2+X-ray)
So Na into light. Now we could produce tubes with a small stick of Na – a volatile metal. Once started it would shine for all our lives. Unpowered.
A simpler idea is a water plasma tube.
8 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray 5x10-14cc of regular water a year. So we fire up the tube, switch it off, and it shines for ever.
While we top up the steam pressure from a spring loaded water reservoir: holding very little regular water.
We let it shine 24/7 – as it is so much hassle to turn it down during the day, back up at night. And really, the volumes of water are so tiny.
So a present fluorescent light gives off tiny amounts of heat and X-rays – and who bothers about that!
So we take a fluorescent light, and attach a water reservoir, so as the pressure drops, we switch over to a steam plasma. Which shines for ever – for free.

Generating light takes in 40% of the electricity we generate. Which this idea will totally replace.

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