Friday, 12 May 2017

Dr.s can cure dementia.

In 1 minute – no prescription required. They have promised to use best medicine. Those that do not, strike themselves off and invalidate their health insurance: 10 million for every patient they have killed since this work was published 2013.
That's right, you GP has known how to cure dementia 4 years – and he was the required 8W 1MHz ultrasound device required. This is High-Intensity UltraSound.
I use a 8W 1MHz device – I used first, and is effective. ½ a minute of High-Intensity UltraSound to each side of the head clears MS, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, ADHD, depression and autism: I cleared autism 2013 – and published the results on the internet

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Any Dr not using High-Intensity UltraSound – struck off 4 years ago. Medical practice ILLEGAL for life. You have a non contested claim for medical malpractice – and get all your medical fees back, plus damages.
2 million per Autism patient would seem a reasonable first guess. So your GP has the device at hand to totally clear dementia on your next visit. Or buy your own device – the cost from $14.
External application of High-Intensity UltraSound was medically shown to clear ALL cancers 15 years ago. Any prescribing GP, struck off – no insurance ever.
Return 15 years wages, and get no pension.

No academic allowed to research or teach biochemistry for 15 years. All graduating medics removed from medicine for ever. 10 million for ever patient killed, every day's medicine medical malpractice.

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