Saturday, 27 May 2017

Defective consultants

All consultants validated that High-Intensity UltraSound cleared cancers in 1 appointment 15 years ago: but they made no money from that. So they continued with the same defective medicine that had killed a third of people at he end of the 20th century.
But biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy were now stripped of their patent protection. So compatible drugs for 67p a tablet were free to complete with cancer treatments costing 500 UK pounds a month.
And now drug companies pay no commission to Dr.s in the UK – where is the money? An 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device will clear all cancers in 1 minute of external application. No GP or hospital required. So why study for 7 years, and be in debt until you are 40?
All the Dr.s who could retired. Having used defective medicine to kill their patients since 2002. Having promised to delete themselves from the medical register if they ever used defective medicine.
Each member of the medical team shares in the 10 million fine, and individually get 25 years in jail -0 for each patient killed.
An open and shut case, as the AMA/GMC/... will not defend criminal medicine: an open and shut case.
Hence Dr.s are falling over themselves to retire, sell off their business, and use their underworld contacts to change their names, and spirit them away to South America.
So your consultant is the greatest mass murder in history. The Christie hospital in Manchester only uses defective medicine. In a year – not one comment from the murderers there.
I read about HIUS in a cancer charity magazine, and verified it at my church heart health prgop 2013. It clear cancers, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems and the common cold.
It totally clears autism, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's. Schizophrenia in a single ½ minute High-Intensity UltraSound session to each side of the head. As verified by every Dr on Earth – or they ceased to be Dr.s 4 years ago.
Dr.s must repay the last 15 years wages, and get no pension. Researching defective medicine is criminal – shred the last 15 years of medical papers.

All consultants could no lnoger practice medicine – from 2002.  The Nufffield hospitals use the same defective medicine as the Christie – and charge to kill you! High-Intensity UltraSound would totally cure you – for 14 UK pounds. You could not even see a murderous Nuffield dr for that.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Drug companies CRIMINAL
I started writing this about the Welcome trust being unethical/illegal & unethical. It applies to all drug companies AND medical schools. The people we trust with our lives. Until they kill us – deliberately.
2002 High-Intensity UltraSound was proven to clear cancer at 1 appointment: no biochemistry, Dr or hospital involvement. 80% of drug company economic activity now illegal.
At this point I should add, the web site does not say what is studied at Cambridge – but biochemical research for cancer illegal.
2012 heart disease was totally cleared, using High-Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys: again no research or prescription of heart drugs was legal.
2013 I cleared heart disease, diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression and Schizophrenia at St Clement's Church, using a medically licensed 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device.
Drug companies got my health group shut down – for using a commercially sourced ultrasound massage device – in the way directed.
1 minute to any cancer, totally clears it. ½ a minute to the lower right of the chest clears diabetes: type 1 remits only after 3 days. Forever. ½ a minute to the top left of the chest and kidneys is medically proven to clear heart disease.
So 98% of drug prescriptions no defective, criminal medicine. So the drug companies built new research facilities at Cambridge etc. I presume it cost around £175 million: read
Annually they plough 300 million into defective, criminal research. No academic is going to pay any need to the Hippocratic oath: 'No research or prescription of defective medicine.
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - $9.5bn
Sandoz - $9.2bn

Mylan - $8.17bn
Fresenius Kabi - $5.9bn
Hospira (now part of Pfizer) - $4.7bn (estimated)
So we are talking $50billion. They spend 600 million on education – and bank the money. But since 2002 they have killed 1/8th of the developed world using defective, criminal medicine – and are still at it!
One application of High-Intensity UltraSound, the disease is totally gone. ½ a minute to each side of the rib cage clears all viral and bacterial infections.
So all antibiotics, and its research is criminal. Dr.s researching biochemistry for the last 15 years ceased to be registered Dr.s 2002.
They have to repay all wages, and get no pension: and face criminal charges. All present researchers – same penalties.
Since 2002 biochemistry has killed ½ a billion people, for the profit of the drug company, hospital and Dr.. Super ethical? I think not.
All Dr.s and drug companies have signed the Hippocratic oath, so should have been expelled from medicine 2002.
All biochemical drug companies CRIMINAL.