Monday, 15 May 2017

CO2 is life

Every person alive realises that plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. So do deep water bacterial and algae. So CO2 is capped at just 2 parts per million.
1in the Jurassic photosynthesis was less efficient, and its left 4ppm CO2 in the air. Except during the 3 natural ice-ages when it rose to 8ppm. During the little ice-age it was back at 4ppm. One of the Jurassic ice-ages lasted 650 million years.
People have published data saying there is 200ppm CO2 in the air – biologically impossible, Plants take in extra CO2 within 5 minutes, and convert it BACK into the active life it was in prehistory.
Nuclear power made up Global Warming after Chernobyl, to scare the science stupid: biological rubbish. 1995 the global climate started cooling. Just another 7 years, and the climate will start warming again naturally.
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After Chernobyl every nuclear power plant needed insurance of 40 billion – no insurance is available above 1 billion. So they made up Global Warming, and bunged the national regulators: most massive corporate crime in history.
So man-made Climate Change is a cover, while the climate is cooling and wetting: remember CO2 is a static trace gas – that changes nothing.
Global Warming got to be Greenpeace's big cash cow. So they are still on about Global Warming – when every member knows about photosynthesis.
There was even talk of a nuclear manager taking over control of Greenpeace – sorry they already have.

So Global Warming and man-made Climate Change nuclear PR: explain yourself Greenpeace. Academics have also been bought: stooges have no place in education.

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