Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Climate Facts

GW was actually discredited science, nuclear power picked up after Chernobyl. Any biologists will tell you photosynthesis in the sea and land caps CO2. Which was twice as high in the warm Jurassic, 4 times higher in the 3 natural ice-ages. One lasted 650 million years.
All life on Earth is supported by plants, bacteria and alae metabolising CO2 into carbohydrates, and excreting oxygen. The Cretaceous mass extinction happened as CO2 fell below 1ppm, and 90% of life on Earth died.

It only recovered as animals evolved to breath in O2 – plant waste, and breath out CO2 – plant food. Global average CO2 static at a pre-industrial 2ppm. Our weather is made in the stratosphere – where CO2 does not reach. JT M.Eng

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