Saturday, 6 May 2017

Cheapest water

Sucking 1 litre of water up 1m, causes it to boil. Losing all salts and contaminants. So it is 20 times less expensive than high pressure desalination. And totally safe – high pressures are VERY dangerous.
So we suck river or sea water into pure water, local tot a town or city. So we do not need as remote reservoir, and we pump water vapour a short distance.
So low pressure desalination is 1 5th of the cost of reservoir water. And it does not depend on rain fall.
No rain – the sea is still there totally unaffected. So there can never be a drought for countries like the UK – surrounded by sea water. And endless supply of fresh water.

And low pressure boiling of water was discovered by scientsits in the 18th century – it is old science. No drought. Endless fresh, cheap water. Using this science, the cost of fresh water should fall by a factor of 3.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Ending drought
I have been blogging about this for 3 years: Google 'vacuum desalination'. It uses high school physics to turn river and sea water into drinkable fresh water. We could have the paradoxical event, of the water main refilling the reservoir during the summer.
We have a chain of solar driven vacuum pumps of the river or sea boundary. These raise the water up 1m – and it boils. We then pump the water vapour to the nearest water treatment site – and add it to the treated water.
The processing site has level sensors, so reverses the flow – so pumping the water back towards the reservoir. So we charge the water main up with desalinated, pure water: no salts or contaminants.
The UK is surrounded by sea, so coastal villages produce 300% of the water they use – so pump 200% back in shore. So for the price of a 1W solar vacuum pump, and 5W of water vapour pumps, we have endless fresh water. Which can never run out.
So reservoir water will actually be the dearest water in the water main. The vacuum desalinated water is 2% the cost of amins water.
So water can site the pumps on their land, and sel lthe water to the water grid. And get an annual income of 80.000.