Saturday, 6 May 2017

Cheap carbon 0 diesel

Diesel in the green fuel: when burnt, it releases more power, less CO2 and the same miniscule amount of NO and NO2(NOx). I sent his work to Theresa May PM; and the diesel scrapage scheme is off!
NOx washes out of the air, as nitrous and nitric acids – which fertilizes plant growth – that converts CO2 into biomass, sucking extra CO2 out of the air. All the Fossil Fuels used to be active life in pre-history.
So less CO2, and more plant growth to suck CO2 from the air. Petrol produces as much NOx.
A million times more important are lightening strikes – every 3 minutes around the Earth. So diesels do NOT pollute. They increases natural plant growth.
We can grow biodiesel – the original work on diesels was done using peanut oil. A cheaper carbon 0 idea, is to make carbon 0 diesel in an industrial unit. In your nearest town or city.
We use a 50x1cm steam plasma tube, that smashes regular water into heat, light and X-rays. A plasma is an atomic ball mill.
1 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray so regular water into massive heat.
2x10-12cc of regular water will produce a constant 1.2MW of heat. We use 2 25cm plasma tubes, to boil off water, and then a fan drives it over the second tube, to get steam at 380oC.
We pass it over a thermoelectric generator and get 144kW of mains frequency and voltage, carbon 0 heat.
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We use 6kW, to chill compressed air. Air at 0oC and ten atmospheres, condenses out liquid CO2.
Before you ask, I don't drive a diesel or petrol car today. So we add the CO2, to the steam vented to below 1 atmosphere. We now do the Sabatier reaction – we reform the CO2 and steam, into methane and oxygen. So at bellow 350oC, the CO2 and steam unburn,
1 CO2+2H2Os-P+T ->CH4+O3 <1 350="" at="" atmosphere="" sup="">o
So we make nearly free natural gas, We can sell on to the energy companies. 0 carbon natural gas.
If we pass up several Ti honeycomb catalyst, light fuel oil drips down – C4H10. WE pump this back, to drizzle down the catalyst pile, and we get C12H24 – diesel oil. Carbon 0 diesel – that does not use up valuable farm land.
We suck CO2 from the air – that is released as the oil is burned. If we pass it through the catalysts once more we get C16H34 – carbon 0 petrol. A non fossil source of petroleum.
OPEC must be so happy – NOT.
So a little industrial unit, 4 million litres of diesel and petrol a week. All carbon 0.

And remember, NOx is plant fertilizer.

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