Monday, 29 May 2017

Cancer drugs just illegal

2002 American medics showed High-Intensity UltraSound ultrasound would totally clear cancer – no drugs or surgery. 2017 'Hippocratic swearing' medics are still prescribing defective cancer drugs and surgery.
Hippocratic in quote, as the 1st such prescription dismisses the medic from medicine, and make all subsequent prescriptions and medical practice criminal. So your GP is almost certainly struck off: all medical practice criminal for 15 years.
So all patient deaths give the 'medic' a fine of 10 million, and 25 years in jail. So each relative of yours who has died from cancer in the last 15 years, warrants a fine of 10 million.
The biochemical industry was the world's biggest, so it gave consumer electronics, subsidised conferences and family holidays, to keep Dr.s prescribing. So health was full of bought men. I turned down the 4 conferences I was offered.
I got the inducements stopped, so the drug companies just gave money to the Dr. This was stopped – as totally illegal: bribing a Dr to prescribe defective, fatal medicine.
So no doubt, drug companies have found other ways to funnel money to a medic. I won't elaborate unless I suggest 1 they have not thought of.
So any GP who prescribes defective cancer drugs – stuck off for life. Their health insurance invalidating. Probably 98% of UK serving Dr.s. Who should not be in health. Maybe ever.
Police go and get their notes – there is crime there. Intentional mass murder – which is what cancer drugs are. And families get 10 million for all ½ a billion cancer patients killed. 500 trillion – 3 time the wealth of the planet.

And still the prescribing and killing goes on. But no pharmacist is allow to help with fatal medicine – and cancer drugs kill in 2 years. High-Intensity UltraSound cures at 1 session.

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