Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Worst killing in history

In 2002 3 medical professors from the Moffitt cancer centre published the total cure of cancer using High-Intensity UltraSound: the pressurised cancer cells popped, as their cell contents boiled
1 H2Op+HIUS->He+O+E2+X-ray
So Dr.s have happily used ultrasound to detect cancers, but refuse to use it to clear cancer. They can't.
They have promised to use and research only the best medicine. Or be struck off, and face criminal trial for medical malpractice. The AMA nd GMC will not defend medical malpractice.
So GPs get 25 years in jail, and a 10 million UK fine for every patient they have murdered. 10,000 each.
Your friends and relatives – so you get 10 million, and see all the medical team taken away in chains, to serve life sentences.
And still GPs continue with defective medicine – biochemistry and the rest. Biochemical treatments have been illegal medicine for 15 years.

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