Monday, 10 April 2017

world has been cooling

So the world has been cooling for 21 years: CO2 is capped at a global average of 23 parts per million. NOx is produced by lightening strikes as is washed out as nitrous and nitric acids.
Natural planet fertilizer – main source lightening and wood fires.
Petrol car produce as much NOx as diesels do. NOx is capped at 0.0000000001%. A static trace gas. CO2 at 0.000002%,
If we take biodiesel, and bubble it through a titanium honeycomb atalyst. We maek biopetrol.
For 20% the price of Fossil Fuels. So any city can turn CO2 intop natural gas – and then unlimited petrol and diesel.
1 CO2+3H2O->CH4+He+O3+E2 one form of Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
A steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres with turn 5x10-13cc of regular water into 1/2MW od heat -0 just as lightening does. The surface of a lightening bolt reaches 10millionoC.

I told Sheffield University this in 2001 – but nuclear power got my PhD ended, Cars produce 40% of carbon emissions – already down by 6%.

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