Sunday, 30 April 2017

Undoing the menopause

Women in the developed world are CHOOSING not to have children in their 20s – and may not have them at all.
Men can father children in to their 90s – women are all done by 50.
Puberty happens, as the endocrine secretion of the brain hits a certain level. Menopause when active brain size has fallen enough, for progesterone secretion to fall below a certain threshold. Read Puberty in girls: correlation of serum levels of gonadotropins, prolactin ...
So the thing to do, is treat the menopause as natural brain damage. I have been blogging about this for 4 years.
Physiotherapists use a High-Intensity UltraSound device to fix limb damage. Now I had 30% brain damage, so bought one to fix my eye squint.
It worked, and my voice improved enough for me to become an urban folk, theatre singer. I am thinking of writing my first album, but I need some musical input from the local university.
So it fixed my squint, and started my own body fixing my brain damage – as the damaged cells and scars were cleared away. My solicitor did brain scans – but will not show them me.
So that is what to do – use a High-Intensity UltraSound device on both sides of the head. I use a 8W 1MHz device.

You need 20 sessions, and my post-menopausal friend started having periods again. Do not get pregnant for 6 months: but you are obviously good at avoiding pregnancy.

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