Sunday, 9 April 2017

Turning Thallium into Gold

Thallium is cheap, $48 per 100g. Gold is not ‎$403,100 US. But it is trivial to turn thallium into gold. We have a conveyor belt of Thallium dust going through a hydrogen plasma.
Above 4 atmospheres, the plasma self sustains, once initiated by a pulse if power from a fluorescent light starter
heres, the plasma self sustains, once initiated by a pulse if power from a fluorescent light starter.
1 H2+TU->2n0 (=2p+.e-)                                 2 hydrogens into 2 neutrons
Now we get neutron enrichment of the Thallium

2 210-112Tl->197,195Au+n02.p2+2+2e-                   n2.p2+2is an alpha particle
So we use a centrifuge to separate out the Au. And the rest of the thallium we send around again.
I have said before, there is a far simpler way to get at gold: Drill a bore hole down to a magma chamber more than 34m down, and we get up a stream of superheated water, with gold, silver, platinum and gold in.

Pass through a regardised Dyson dry cleaner – and get out the metal dust. Use the clean steam to generate carbon 0 heat and power. Process the dust into ingots.

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