Sunday, 30 April 2017

The NEXT nuclear incident

Will be in China – even the Japanese could not do uranium fission safely. Fukishima has cost them 20 trillion – and they already have a negative GDP.
One Fukishima sized PWR suffering a totally predictable triple core melt down, will cost China 4 years total income. This is a massive injection of debt.
The Renimb will collapse – and the value of the debt owed to china will also collapse. 50 million people will die – China can cope with that. The legal cost will be 50 trillion.
So a decade's GDP. China will be the sick man of the future – no way back. EDF has 20 reactors in France.

So 1 should have an incident in the next 5 years – so over due. GDP 2.4 trillion. So 8 years GDP. French balance of trade deficit 105.7 billion U.S. Dollars 2005-15.

So when will EDF wipe out France and life in the south of the UK. Now is a good time to go and live in Brazil.

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