Friday, 28 April 2017

The cost of the Sizewell incident

Nuclear plants around the world suffer a multi core melt down once every 25 years. So Fukishima in 2010 should have happened to Sizewell- an old nuclear plant, full of radioactive toxins.
Since Windscale 10 October 1957 British nuclear has ridden its luck: Chernobul 26 April 1986 , Bhopal 2 Dec 1984 – 3 Dec 1984 , Seveso v, Fukishima 11 March 2011. You are getting the idea.
So Sizewell should have gone off 5 years ago: we are waiting on Heavy rain setting off an earthquake. When it goes off, the property cost of the homes now uninhabitable for 100 thousand years is £5.75 trillion, or 2.7 times the UK’s GDP.
Onyl 15 million people will suffer an agonising death within 20 years: cost 15 trillion.
So that is the major cost of a nuclear incident – 15 trillion. And every nuclear plant carries insurance of 50 million. 106 – a million times too little.
Which is why the backers for a new Hinkley or Sizewell, have exited stage right. There will be no money men. 57 Chinese nuclear plants – over 1000 trillion of insurance required. There is no insurance abeo 1 billion.

1 million times too little. And academics have been doing research work, for the most under insured and toxic industry that will ever exist.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Global Warming wrong
The fossil record shows that CO2 levels only rise in natural ice ages. Otherwise CO2 is limited by photosynthesis. You burn the Fossil Fuels, and get more life on Earth – not more CO2 in the air – that is impossible.
But in 1986 a friend was doing a PhD in Global Warming: nuclear power was backing this impossible science, to distract from Chernobyl.
And every scientist had done high school biology, so was familiar with the carbon cycle. So was aware CO2 could not rise in a warm period.
The Jurassic had twice then level of CO2 in the air – except during the 3 natural ice-ages, when it rose to 4 times today's static 2 parts per million.
When I pointed this out in 2001, my PhD got ended by Sheffield University.
But rational people have got PhDs in Global Warming. And most worryingly, have gone on to teach and lecture students. When they are adept at nuclear funded science fiction.
Those PhDs must be rescinded, and people sacked. Along with people who have published spurious, biologically impossible data.