Monday, 3 April 2017

Superconductivity is nuclear fusion

There are two sources of X-rays, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. In superconductivity with a wire running through liquid hydrogen – NUCLEAR FUSION
1 H2+EF1->He+EF2+X-ray where EF2>ElectricField1
So as we run current through the cable, the nuclear fusion makes up for our resistance losses. And we get off X-rays.
High pressure H gas would work as well as liquid H – but at 1000 atmospheres.
But if we run the wire through chilled diesel oil – we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion: why was I never given a PhD for this idea? Waterfalls over 1m high give off X-rays, and produce very little He and O.
And the water heats up!
So if we run the wire through chilled oil, we produce CmH(2m). Basically still light diesel oil – with a bit of He, and X-rays again.
So we cool the oil – as hot oil does other stuff – like boil. So we increase power plant efficiency by 5%. Of 20 million dollars a day. And it will cost us $20 a day.
At all the billions of power plants around the world.

2 CmH(2m+2)+EF1->CmH(2m)+EF2 Again, the stronger produced electric field offsets our resistance losses.

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