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Sheffield gives the world fusion

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Fusion TSA | Talbot

In 2001, That year Dr Z told me that the turbulent flow of H ions did nuclear fusion. Linear flow no good! So physics insisted on using the smooth flow of H+ ions around a magnetic torus. Didn't work.
So Sheffield has the equipment in storage. All we need do, is add magnetic stirring coils. So the ions circulate in a turbulent fashion.

We don't add temperature or pressure. The ions will want to shoot up to 10millionoC. So we need a pressure of below 2 atmospheres.
And then we get a circulating ring of star stuff. We draw off some to run a steam cycle: and produce carbon 0, Fossil Fuels free power.
And each atom that fuses releases 1018W of heat. So I would advocate introducing steam. So we get hydrogen and oxygen ions circulating one direction, electrons the other.
1 xH++e- ->(x+1)n0 x usually 1.
2 16O2++4n0->8H++6e-
3 xH++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray

So clean infinite power – as I told Sheffield 2001.

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