Monday, 3 April 2017

Room temperature superconductivity

Superconductivity is a form of nuclear fusion.
1 H2+EF1->EF2+L+X-ray EF2 is +5% time the electric field of EF1
So the electric field induces a magnetic field according to Flemming's right had run, which causes nuclear fusion of the liquid hydrogen. That induces an electric Field according to Flemming's left hand rule.
It means a strong electric field converts some hydrogen into a stronger electric field – in the same direction. Plus X-rays (and light?).
So we could use high pressure H gas – but we are talking about 100 atmospheres. Very dangerous. So liquid helium also works. We probably get off a little H gas
2 He+EF1->2H+EF2+L+X-ray
So the low temperatures are irrelevant. The density of the H is. The cheapest way to have high concentration H around a power plant, is as diesel oil. And now we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
3 C12H26+EF1->C11H22+C+2He+EF2 c11H22 is PENTYLCYCLOHEXANE | C11H22 - PubChem
So we get light diesel oil. And we get an electric field just sufficient to offset out resistance losses, from the generator to the transformers. We are talking about 125,000 amps.
So we lose 5% of the power in the first 10 feet – our loses fro the whole electrical distribution from the plant to the user.
So we pass the current through a wide cable, surrounded by diesel oil. We pump the diesel through the system, and collect the light fuel oil – and burn it. We allow the He to escape. Or collect it – as it has a higher value weight for weight, than gold.

So room temperature superconductivity, is given by passing electric charge through a wire, in molecular hydrogen – that does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

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