Saturday, 1 April 2017

Revive the Cornish mustard farms

Archaeologists have just discovered archaeological evidence that stone age man in Cornwall, had a thriving mushroom industry.
Every harvest their wheat farming produced massive amounts of vegetable matter waste – we always assumed they burned. In massive bonfires.
But now we have found evidence of underground labyrinth of caves. With some of the trays still in them.
They gathered up the waste, with mushrooms from surrounding forests, They seeded the plant matter, and left it in the cold, dark mines. Two months later they came back, and harvested the mushrooms: we have always been puzzled by the annual glut of Cornish mushrooms 3 moths after the crop harvests.
Local mushroom farmers ea looking at getting the mines back into production – 'a wasted natural resource' one mushroom farmer told the paper.

So after a break of at least 2,800 years, Cornish mushrooms will be back on the menu.

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