Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Power that pays you!

A thermoelectric generator, linked to a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres.
The tube generate 2.2MW of heat. So we want a 132kW thermoelectric generator. A google search suggests TEC will sell the generator for $429.00, but I would budget $1,000.
A light engineering firm can get one designed in a weekend. A firm wants 20kW, so will sell 112kW to the national grid. Getting a cheque every year for 3.5million UK pounds.
The sell the plant, with the installation engineers, for $1.500. The get thi9s cost back, the 5% of the revenues into the future. Getting 117,000 for every plant.
They sell it to all employees, and local firms: e.g. lawyers, PR firms – everybody but engineers. schools and Universalities could also get in on the act.
So we are selling power at 2p per kW hour. Once the UK has 44GW of thermoelectric power, no Fossil Fuels burning will be done. No hyper toxic uranium fission.
U fission is so toxic, it requires 40 billion of insurance, per plant, since 1984: going up to 100 billion from 2010. No insurance above 1 billion is available – so every nuclear power plant in the world is illegal – and must STOP 33 years ago.
Fines of 10 million, and 10 years in jail, for the plant owners and its managers. So every MD of a nuclear plant, looking at 10 millennia in jail. Now is probably a good time to retire.
And in the third world, a fan will drive hot air through the thermoelectric plant – which will turn the heat into power. Over 100kW per plant, for a 2kW fan. And set up costs of $1,500.
Carbon free power – no Fossil Fuels burn.
Oil quote 'U.S. light crude reached an intraday low of $48.79, down $1.49, before recovering slightly to trade around $49.20 a barrel. WTI plummeted 5.38 percent on Wednesday.'

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