Monday, 10 April 2017

People power

People can use a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres to produce 2.4MW of heat. We start off using the electronics from a fluorescent light – then it self sustains.
Taking only 5.3x10-13cc of regular water a year – calculated – as we could never measure it. When we fired up the first kit at Sheffield University 2002 – and my PhD got ended – for no reason.
So we use a 150kW steam turbine – and get off 144kW of power. That is 4200 thousand pounds from the national grid in the UK. For all that lovely carbon 0 power. Without any Fossil Fuels burn.
No fracking – just regular tap water. Or distilled, if you are feely rich – and want simpler equations. The plasma has a slight green tint, if we use tap water.

Here in the UK, the grid HAS to buy the power. Though this will change, once steam plasmas are generating more than 44GW.
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Jonathan Thomason said...

Most money
We use gas from fracking = where we pass steam through sand will dead animals and plant in. This gives us non-fossil natural gas – scientists call it reforming.
We buy biodiesel, and pass the hot fuel oil down 4 titanium honey comb catalysts, we pump natural gas up. We get biopetrol.
1 C12H26+4CH4->C16H C16 is petrol, C12 diesel
So as we burn the petrol, we get back the CO2 the plants took in last gring season – to make biodiesel.
Diesel engines produce less CO2, and the same NO and NO2 (NOx) as petrol engines. NOx is natural plant fertilizer – so not a pollutant. The major source of NOx, are lightening strikes, and wood fires.
The NOx from car engines just boosts plant growth in the town or city. Diesels – the greenest engine on Earth.