Thursday, 27 April 2017

Pay for Chernobyl

1984, Ukranian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl accident: Nuclear plant safety has not been improved since. The USSR owed the rest of the world 40 billion.
33 years compounded 5% interest is 5.25 times the initial sum owed. So 6 billion becomes 35.25 billion.
So the Russian federation owes the UK over 35 billion. Which it can now afford to pay. Ukranian nuclear obviously becomes insolvent, and the debt goes up to the Russian states.
Last I heard, Ukrainian nuclear wanted to build a Hinkley C: Not. Not without 100 billion of imsurance – not commercially available.
Hinkley B's planning consent ran out in 1990. So 10 million for the last 270 years – that is 270 million. And the plant managers get 10 years in jail, for each year of illegal operation.
19 of the 20 UK nuclear plants are operating in the same illegal way: the nuclear regulator should have shut them down in 1984.

Sizewell B does not have the required 100 billion of insurance – so should have ceased operation, 2 years before it started. Same fine structure and jail time. So that is 352,000 UK pounds owing to ever UK resident.

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