Sunday, 30 April 2017

Nuclear bankrupted Japan

Fukishima killed 20 million people, and irradiated Tokyo. The Yen has fallen 33% against the dollar. Japan is still worth 4.125 trillion.
Its economy has now slipped into the recession, so this figure will fall to 20 billion in a decade. The most significant fall in wealth, since the Wall Street crash. Which only cost $319 billion.
20 million lives at 20 million dollars each is 40 trillion. 1/3rd the value of the planet. Slow agonising deaths through increased cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
China is now worth 5 trillion. And Japan is the setting sun economy.

And people want to build a new nuclear plant in England. There is no insurance above 1 billion – let alone 100 billion, or 20 trillion.

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