Monday, 17 April 2017

NOx NOT a climate gas

The main sources of No and NO2 (NOx) is natural lightening and wood fires. It washes out of the air, as plant fertiliser causing plants to convert CO2 into plant bulk.
So CO2 is 2000 times more important – limited by photosynthesis to only 2 parts per million. Even in cities – were parks and gardens take in the plant food within 5 minutes.
There is only 0.000000001 NOx in the air – which washes out with natural rain. A a pre-industrial level.
NOx is a plant fertiliser – not a pollutant. It reacts with nothing, until used by plants in photosynthesis. 30 times a more potent gas than CO2, the oil producing countries tell us. So that would makes it 2000 times less important to the weather.
I reality, it has no climate effect, and CO2 has fallen be 6% this year. 4.5% last year.
We can pass biodiesel and natural gas over a titanium catalyst, and get biopetrol. It takes in as much CO2 to form, as it releases when burnt. A carbon 0 fuel – unlike Fossil Fuels: dirty, expensive and a Global Warming gas producing fuel.

The natural weather has been cooling 21 years – and is twice as common in the air above the Arctics.

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