Thursday, 20 April 2017


Autoimmune diseases are caused by a viral rump, making IL-21, or some chemokines. This in itself does not provoke a full immune action, so we are left with an over stimulated immune system, which is not focused.
If we apply 8W 1MHz ultrasound for up t o1 minute each side of the abdomen, the viral rump cell pop – making and actioning the active antibody. The immune system is now focused and will clear the viral rump.
We can sample for the human antibody – which is not produced naturally. But the ultrasound device is $16, and will clear all infections, cancers and autoimmune diseases.
MS is cleared by ½ a minute High-Intensity UltraSound, to each side of the head. I advocate 3 applications – but I have found only 1 is required.
I published my practical cure 2013 – so no biochemical prescription was legal for 4 years: the Dr is struck off, loses his health insurance and can no longer practice medicine.  I practically cleared IBS in 2010 – but was focused in other work.

So 1 course of antibody pills will clear IBS. Which can re-occur later. So IBS totally cured.

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