Friday, 21 April 2017

No Gas

We burn oil, coal and gas, to get at heat. And then turn that heat into power using a turbine. Passing hot air through a thermoelectric generator is far simpler.
So we all need 8kW per house – so we sell 28kW to the grid. So we get a cheque every year for 84,000 UK pounds. For carbon 0, Fossil Fuels ansd hyper toxic enriched uranium free power.
Sabatier published his paper on the thermoelectric effect 1910. Read up on it

Scholarly articles for 1910 paper thermoelectric effect

So we replace all mains electricity and gas. We SELL current to the grid: they have to buy. And it all works very well. We use 2x10-12cc of regular water a year: e are really going to struggle to measure it. We have a spring loaded reservoir, and our great5 grandchildren can top it up.
The big 6 power companies are in a flap! Here is a device you can install in your garrage, supplying free power for 40 houses. OK, it is free to us – we charge the national grid 84,000 UK pounds.
We can use the hot ait after the generator, as a heat source for our central heating. A carbon 0 house. Last year carbon emission well by 6%. As we experienced the 21st year of global cooling.

So it turns out, Global Warming was just spin from unisured nuclear power. Who NEED 100 billion of insurance per plant to operate legally. So every EDF plant is illegal – and has been since 1984. The year of Chernobyl.

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