Friday, 14 April 2017

No Fossil Fuels burn

If we fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube, we do atomic stuff.
1 H2O+TU+E ->2H++O2++4e-
2 xH++e- ->(1+x)n0 neutron formation
3 16O+4n0->2H++2e-+6n0+X-ray
4 1H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray
So we burn the matter into massive heat, light and X-rays. No solid radioactive waste. 1.2MW of heat from a 50x1cm steam plasma, at 4 atmospheres.

Gas or oil burners only produced 45kW/m! So we entrain with air, and get hot gas at 350oC, we pass over a thermoelectric generator – available over the internet.
We get 144kW of green power, from plant costing under 1,500 UK pounds. We get 1.4 million annually from the national grid.

For carbon 0 power. We can grow biodiesel, and make biopetrol, from biodiesel and CO2 sucked of of the air – and turned into methane. Using the Sabatier equation – published 1910.
Th oil countries are in economic meltdown, as the world adopts non fossil diesel and petrol: carbon 0 fuels – taking in as much CO2 to grow the plants, that we get asa we burn the fuel oil.
And now the world can substitute steam plasma tubes doing hydrogen fission, 1 steam plasma for every 26 oil or gas burners.

So a fossil fuel free future.

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