Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Making gold and platinum

The aim is to fire protons into a block of iridium, and get it filled with platinum and gold atoms. We then process the block into ingots.
The first job, is to fire up a hydrogen plasma. This converts the hydrogen into neutrons and electrons.
1 H2+TU+E->1(xn0.p++e-)
We separate the electrons off using a magnetic field, accelerate them using a magnetic field, and fire them back into the hydrogen nuclei.
Alternatively we just fire and electron beam into H gas. Probably simpler and cheaper.
2 H++e- ->(x+1)n0
Now this is a source of neutrons. That will travel forwards, bonding with atomic nuclei they find. So if we fire up a steam plasma above nuclear waste, we enrich the para stable atoms, which will fission almost instantly.

(Physics aside: We have 190Pt containing nuclear waste, we will get 191Pt, which fission into 39Yitrium. Leading superscript is atomic mass, but leading subscript is atomic number.
So as I have been saying for years, put nuclear waste to fill the bottom half of a tube.. Fill up with hydrogen, and strike up a plasma. Do in a water bath!
We render the waste fairly harmless. Put in a deep unused wine for 20 years – safe.)
 If we fire the electron onto a thin sheet of Al, we get a stream of positrons. These bond with the neutrons to form a beam of protons. The matter changers.
3 p+.n0+(Al)->n0+(Al)+e+ positrons are positively charged electrons. The neutrons bounce off harmlessly. We can fir these positrons inot our steam plasma tube, and suddenly are left with a tube will with naked protons.

That 2% of the time will get through the electron shell, to enrich the atomic number.
Now our iridium filled tube will fill with gold and platinum. Iridium is expensive - 850 dollars per troy ounce. Gold £1020. Platinum $2,270.50.
The equipment - $500. To make $8,500 and hour. Best sell on the mixed iridium dust, and they pay you by weight of gold, platinum and residual Iridium.

So the H plasma tube – the 21st century alchemist.

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