Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How is NOx a green house gas?

Its infra red properties lie between N2 and O2. The natural air. It is hungrily taken in by plants to grow. And is degraded by ultraviolet light in the high air.
 The main source of NO and NO2 is natural lightening -or wood fires. In the rain these fall as nitiric and nitrous acids – natural plant fertilizer. It is so non a Global Warming gas – it has no weather effect. Why is everything suddenly a Global Warming gas, when the global climate has been cooling for 21 years.
Abnd under insured nuclear power bases all its hope for a future on Global Warming.
Every nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion: no insurance above 1 billio is avaialble, So every nuclear plant on Earth is operating illegally.

Stop whittering on about Global Warming – shut your nuclear down now.

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