Thursday, 6 April 2017

High Intensity UltraSound cures cancer

Medically proved by the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida 2002. So no medical academic could research, teach or examine students on biochemistry – now defective, criminal medicine.
Any student who had been taught defective biochemistry – had had their Hippocratic oath invalidated – they could never work as doctors – for life.
Any Dr who prescribed biochemistry was required to strike themselves off – for life. Dr.s with invalid insurance, barred from medicine for life.
So if you have been prescribed cancer drugs, you are entitled to ALL your money back. And then buy a 8W 1Mhzultranoic massage device – and your cancer will be cleared in under 1 minute.
20% price drop
Your Dr has a 8W 3MHz device which works in 20 seconds: But he would prefer to see you die in biochemical hell – in under 2 years: the most serious psychopaths the world has ever known.
Uninsured murders. Are they killing you? Get a prescription, and buy a High Intensity UltraSound device and cure yourself: then give the prescription to the police.

At least that is one more murder off the street – do not pay your medical bill – let him sue! Open and shut case 'defective medicine is criminal' – take the doctor down.

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