Saturday, 22 April 2017

Giving the world nuclear fusion

Somebody tell
We have an old university 'fusion torus' – that did not do nuclear fusion. And we install perpendicular magnetic fields, so the rotating ring of hydrogen ions, is in turbulent, not linear flow. Above 1W of turbulence, we get nuclear fusion.
The Navier-Stokes equations (for an incompressible fluid) in an a dimensional form contain one parameter: the Reynolds number:
Re = ρ Vref Lref / µ it measures the relative importance of convection and diffusion mechanisms. Thanks to Stamford for this basic equation.
So we have the H ions rotating.
nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium, releases about that amount of energy. 1018W.
So universities have the equipment, with the addition of the stirring magnetic fields, to do nuclear fusion. Dr Z told me this in 2001! But all the money was in climate research – and a working nuclear fusion system destroyed Global Warming.

Which ended naturally in 1995 – a natural climate cycle. So nothing to do with CO2.

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