Thursday, 13 April 2017

Giving London the cleanest air

Exhaust from petrol and diesel cars contain steam with a trace of CO2, NOx (NO and NO2), SOx (SO2 and SO3) plus micro particulates.
In cool countries like the UK, the steam condenses within 18 inches, and scrubs or those gases as H2CO3, H2SO2/3, H2NO1/2 soot and dirty water.
One of my friends leaves his biodiesel ½ a mile away from school, to ensure children do not breath in his exhaust. He refuels with rapeseed oil.
This is biodiesel – it takes in as much CO2 to form, as it releases when burnt. So it is a carbon 0 fuel. He is one of the reasons CO2 emissions fell by 6% last year. The oil companies are livid! That is their market share going elsewhere.
So they want more petrol cars again – more Global Warming, as long as they get more money. So diesels cure Global Warming – saves life on Earth. Saudi Arabia couldn't care less – they want money.
If you take a steam plasma tube, 50x1cm, at 4 atmospheres, it releases 1.2 MW of heat. The plasma smashes the matter into massive energy – which is why a 1m row of oil burners only releases 45kW – very energy poor.
1 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray E3=1.2MW for a 50x1cm tube
So where ever we burn oil or gas, we can fire up a steam plasma tube instead. It utilises 10-15cc of regular water a year. No emissions at all.
To capture the emissions from a car engine, we have a little water mist at the car exhaust, that captures all emissions – and they fall harmlessly to the ground as dirtly slightly acid liquid water. No climate affect.
Chimneys of a Fossil Fuels burning plant are weak emulsions of CO2 and the rest – so all fall to the ground within a mile – and increase plant growth.
NOx is at a static 0.000000001%. CO2 at 0.000002% - their pre-industrial levels. So no possible climate effect. Limited by photosynthesis on land and seas
'Carbon emissions' are nuclear guesses – and even they have started taking diesel out of the calculations. Emission are just a measure of how much life is being created within 5 minutes of the gasses leaving the plant. And being sucked out of the air.
So in the Jurassic there were 3 natural ice-ages, with twice today's natural level of CO2 in the air: data from mineral analysis of data geological strata. Firm data.
1 ice-age lasted 650 million years, with 8 parts per million CO2 in the air – 4 times today's static trace level: since before industry.
So we use the water mist to improve the air quality in large cities like London – and outside schools. Petrol engines produce MORE CO2, and the same trace nitrous oxides: reverting back to petrol cars a massive leap backwards in technology and Earth sciences. For the financial greed of Saudi Arabia.
If we chill CO2, and feed it into steam heated by a steam plasma tube – at 350oC, under 1 atmosphere, the gases 'unburn': the magic of thermodynamics. The Sabatier equation 1910.
2 CO2+3H2O+E->CH4+O3+X-ray 2017
This is why diesel oil at 1 atmosphere, will not catch a spark. It only burns at 8 atmospheres pressure.
We then dribble biodiesel down titanium honeycomb catalyst – we pass the methane up.
3 C12H26+4CH4+T-P->C16H32 diesel into petrol
We have made biopetrol. Non Fossil Fuels petrol. A carbon 0 fuel. For just 20% the cost of Saudi Arabian oil. Leave the Fossil Fuels in the ground.
Best using Molecular Nuclear Fusion. If you want petrol, make it in a chemical plant, from CO2 sucked out of the air – with biodiesel.


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