Saturday, 1 April 2017

Free power

Carbon 0, non toxic and free. A steam plasma turns regular water into free heat. We then use a thermoelectric generator, to produce 72kW of free power.21 million quid a year, from the national grid. From a plant that costs 2000 UK pounds.
We take a 1cm wide, 50cm long glass tube. We sit in a major air current, to stop it melting. So we probably want an air fan, to keep stuff from melting. 2kW.
The water, breaks up
1 H2O+TU->2H++O2++4e- TU=plasma turbulence
We use water rather than H gas, as the fissioning of oxygen absorbs the H fission heat – so we get a nice smooth generation of 1.2MW of heat – at 4 atmospheres.
2 O2 -E2->2H++6n0+2e- our own strand of neutron star
3 xH++e-->(x+1)n0 usually x=1 this is neutron formation
Now we do H fission.
3 1H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray our 1.2MW at 4 atmospheres. From a 50x1cm glass tube.
No solid, radioactive waste: so not hyper toxic, like uranium fission. A process so toxic every plant needs, but does not have 100 billion annually of insurance.

So the national nuclear regulator should have issued immediate stop orders in 1984: they didn't – because of the biggest bribes in history.
And the size of each H ion is 10-14m. Energy release is 3.5x1030W. So each H ion releases 3x1026W. A 1m row of oil or gas burners releases 4.5x104W. So energy deficient.
So we borrow the electrics from a fluorescent light to start off the plasma, and then it self sustains. So we sell 64kW to the national grid – only 20million every year: a life times income in 1 years.
Now my numbers are for Molecular Nuclear Fusion. And H fission is twice as energetic – 2.4MW. Of carbon 0, non toxic energy, No Fossil Fuels burn, No hyper toxic and underinsured uranium fission.

1 in 8 people set this up in their garage or outhouse, and the world goes mains free. No oil or gas demand. No coal.

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