Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Free heat and power are here

A lightening tube. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres will generate 1.2MW – my calculations suggest 2.2MW. The lower number is for Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
The plasma smashes matter into hydrogen, and hydrogens into massive heat. Light and X-rays
1 H2Op+TU->E3+l+X-ray.
We feed 1.2MW of heat into a thermoelectric, mains generator and get out 72kW of power. We feed the residual 1MW of heat into an area heating scheme. It will heat 500 homes in Scotland.

We need 8kW, so the national grid will pay us 88,528 UK pounds a year. For carbon 0, Fossil Fuels free power. Saudi Arabia loses money below $100 a barrel.

Yesterday it dipped below $50 again: despite Saudi agreeing quota cuts with everybody.
You see a cartel only has control of the market, if it has a monopoly. With the advent of gas as a power source, it lost that 5 years ago.
A steam plasma tube will use 2x10-12cc of regular water a year. Which we struggled to measure – before nuclear power applied pressure to end my PhD.
We use a paint stripper and pump, to charge a tube up to 4 atmospheres. We use the electronics from a fluorescent light. Then the plasma self sustains.
If we are happy with a steam plasma producing 300kW – 50% more than a hyper toxic uranium fission tube, we will need to supply 200W of driving current.

And we produce no hyper toxic radioactive waste. We use no enriched uranium. Safe, clean, free, non radioactive heat and power.
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