Monday, 17 April 2017

DIESELS' don't pollute

They release less CO2 than petrol engines – hence CO2 FELL by 6% last year – 4.5% 2 years ago. The oil companies are desperate – as biodiesel under cuts them. So they announced the NO and NO2 (NOx) released by diesels is a pollutant. The fail to mention, petrol cars produce as much NOx.
It is washed out as nitric and nitrous aids – to go off and fertilise plants – that cap global CO2 at a pre-industrial 0.00002%. 2 parts per million. Static trace gases affect nothing. And NOx is another capped global gas – it fertilises plant growth.
The major sources of NOx, are lightening and wood fires: petrol and diesel car's don't produce any appreciable NOx.
In town centres and near schools, a water mist on the exhaust, will wash out the NOx. As H2NO2 and H2NO3. So NOx is washed of of the air – having had no climate effect.
So diesel's don't pollute – that is science lies from the oil countries.
In any was, we can use a small chemical plant to trun biodiesel into biopetrol. It will sit on your bench in the garage, and make your own petrol. Which takes in CO2 to grow – and only lreleases the same gas when burnt.
We do want a non-fossil source o9f natural gas. Like fracking. Or make your own, free gas.
We fire up a steam plasma, and use ½ of this to raise steam. The rest we use to heat stem and CO2 to 350oC.
0 CH2+3H2O-P+T->CH4+He+O3+E2 CH4=natural gas >350oC <1atmosphere p="">
The Sabatier equation – published 1910.
We pass this into a large reactor vessel, and petrol collects at the bottom.
1 C12H26+4CH4->C16H34 CH4=natural gas.

So we use vast tracks of Australia to grow biofuels: using 'vacuum desalination' t oturn sea water into fresh water.

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