Monday, 24 April 2017

Criminal EDF

EDF need 100 billion insurance per reactor – they do not have. The national nuclear regulator had the legal imperative to shut down all EDF reactors in 1984 – the year of Chernobyl – also caused by a PWR reactor.
And it has just raised its prices by 8%, then 4%! So it is haemorrhaging customers.

So it is running an advertising campaign, to get you to send it photos of your electricity bill. From which then can get ALL your details. Why? Well EDF are criminals – what do you think?

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Jonathan Thomason said...

China syndrome
Bai (White) Surveyed the New Nuclear plant. Here was the white hot technology of power production. Binhai New Are . Every precaution had been taken. No Fukishima here -Japan has suck into recession 2017 – never to escape.
Sure they were in a seismic area – but there cooling system, was doubled up. The 90% of expensive safety measure recommended after Chernobyl would never be implemented – no need.
Then the ground shoot, and the doubled glazed window cracked. Both panes. This was why he was paid 500,000 Renminb.
'start up the secondary cooling' he shouted into his walkie-talkie. Chinese made, obviously.
'Boss, you better get down here' his assistant said. Bai was almost alarmed – then he remembered he was the head man.
'The primary pipes are cracked, and the secondary engine is seized' Li Wei told him -nothing great about him (The name is Chinese for great – as you knew)
'Fork life' Bai ordered. After 5 minutes they were lifting the primary engine to the secondary pipes. Bai signed relief and looked out of the window. Just in time to see the reactor roof blow off – like some giant was expelling a large burp.
'What now? Asked Li Wei. 'Are you a Buddhist?' his boss asked him. 'Yes' replied a puzzled Li Wei.
'Good' said Bai as him kicked the legs from under his minion. 'Pray' he ordered. 'we are all in heaven in an hour' 'What we got here is a UK syndrome – next stop London'