Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Carbon 0 petrol

Photo – the Paris accord. Designed to stop the burning of Fossil Fuels.
Making biopetrol for 30 years the oil producing companies have told us that CO2 causes Global Warming – not deterred by the fact the global weather has been cooling for 21 years. Global Warming raised petrol prices, and lowered volumes sold.
Andd that global photosynthesis caps CO2 at 2 parts per million. They now said they had it wrong – as now people are driving biodiesels.
They say Global Warming is caused by NO and NO2 (NOx) released by diesel engines.
The main source of NOx, is lightening and wood fires. The rain washes it out of the air, and it the fetilises plant growth as nitric and nitrous acids. Helping to metabolise CO2 in to plant bulk. Diesel make plant fertilser for free,
They fail to point out, petrol engines produce as much NOx. And the amounts are so tiny, lightewning is the only important source of NOx.
The oil countries are basically ignorant about biology. But Western reporters are not. Reporters writing copy on NOx, should never work as reporters ever again.
So the oil companies want to pay to scrap diesel cars – so people will drive petrol cars, which release more CO2 – that is the Global Warming gas: CO2 levels fell by 6% last year.
But there is an answer – produce biopetrol. We buy chilled CO2 from the ctiy gasification plant – it is so cheap, there nearly give it away.
We reauise steam with a 25x1cm steam plasma tube, and superheat it using another steam plasma. These will use 2x10-12cc of regular water a year – to produce heat.
Most gas and Fossil Fuels is burned to produce heat. Use a 50x1cm steam plasma tubve – it produces steam at 800oC. A carbon 0 heat source.

We combine the CO2 with hot steam, to enter a large reactor, to do the Sabatier reaction – published 1910.
1 CO2+3H2O->CH4+He+3O so yet another way to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
The O rises, and CH4 sinks – where we can extract the pure gases. This is an unlimited source of natural gas. The energy companies should make their own nearly free gas, rather than buy overpriced gas from British Gas.
We trickle biodiesel down 4 titanium catalyst honeycombs we pass natural gas up. And we increase the carbon number of the fuel
2 C12H26+4CH4->C16H32 C12 diesel, C16 petrol
So we make biopetrol – a carbon 0 fuel. That takes in as much CO2 to grow, as it releases when burn. And 20% the cost of Fossil Fuels petrol. And burning biopetrol, we save the planet.

So farm can make natural has – and sell it to the gas main.

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