Monday, 10 April 2017

Biopetrol here 1998

It was realised 1998, that bubbling water through coal, made natural gas.
1 C+3H2O+P+T->(CH4-E)+(He+O3+E2+X-ray)
The Nazis had tried and failed to make natural gas in World War II.
The scientists mush have been puzzled – emission of He and X-ray.
Now Molecular Nuclear Fusion has been out for 16 years – I thought of it and started publishing on it in 2001.
Diesel engines of the time were dirty and smelly. But no9w they are clean and fast.
We grow rape seed oil, and harvest the oil: the original diesel work was done of peanut oil. So rape seed oil is CH3(CH2)7CH. C9H20
We get at natural gas, by bubbling waer under pressure over coal. Petrol is C16H34. So we need to bubble gas over titanium honeycomb catalyst, down which we pass biodiesel.
So into form it – coal deposits were biomass, and burning the petrol restores this life.

Sucking the CO2 out of the air: I give you a carbon 0 future.
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