Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Better than diesel

The UK government gave tax breaks to buy diesels. Now the oil companies are going frantic – as you can use biodiesel – grow your own fuel. So it takes in as much CO2 to grow, as you get as it burns.
So it counts as a carbon 0 fuel. The most massive source of nitrous oxides (NOx) is not diesel cars – but wood fires. So it is illegal to now tax diesel cars. Just stop the tax incentives, and it will do nothing about NOx.
The bet idea is to use Molecular Nuclear Fusion – no emission – and no CO2! That nuclear power said was a danger. But stimulates plant growth – sucking the gas out of the air within 5 minutes – over the l;and or sea.
People are now using a steam plasma tube. To generate power.
1 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray
So a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmosphere, converts steam molecules, into heat, light and X-rays. The X-rays are blocked using 4mm of concrete, made with FeO as the concrete filler – rather than sand.
So we get 1.2MW of heat. A thermoelectric generator will turn into 500kW of mains power: Google ½MW thermoelectric mains generator. This will provide an annual income of 15million. The national grid pays you.
So 2 years ago CO2 emission fell by 4.5%: the global average ~CO2 was capped at 2 parts per million by global photosynthesis, and the land and seas.
Last year CO2 fell by 6%: technically the word is plummet.
Another way to decrease CO2 by 50%, is to titanium plate the engine or boiler room: as taught to me at Sheffield University 1984.
2 CmHn+pO2+(Ti)->mCO2+(n-2r)H2O+2r(He+O+E2+X-ray)+(Ti)
So the Titanium is a catalyst – it isn't used up. It will last the life of the plant. Doubling power – or halving Fossil Fuels burn.
An oil, gas and coal prices are in free fall. Nuclear needs insurance of 100 billion per plant – it doesn't have: ERGO ALL nuclear power illegal.
Nuclear pays fines of 10 billion per plant – at 1984 levels. And the plant managers get 10 years in jail, for the last 33 years – since Chernobyl.
So they funded Global Warming and man-made Climate Change articles – paid nuclear fiction. Even within Greenpeace.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma tube with generate 580kW of heat - 34.8kW of electricity. Via a thermoelectric generator.
We generate DC, and use power electrics to produce AC. The frequency determines the speed of the car: and BMW is actively researching thermoelectric generators, as a Fossil Fuels replacement.
10-16cc of regular water, will drive a sports car for a year. No petrol or diesel – no emissions at all. And 34.8kW of free power. This is twice the power of a diesel engine – with no Nox. Or visit to a refuelling site.

Clean, free motoring.

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