Saturday, 29 April 2017

1984 Chernobyl happened. Costing Ukrainian nuclear and the then USSR 40 billion. Suddenly every nuclear plant in the world needed insurance of 40 billion.
But there was no insurance of that level available, and it would have made every kW hours of nuclear power cost from 8:20 UK pounds – Fossil Fuels only costs 8p per kWh.
So it devoted 10 million a year to publicising the ridiculed idea of Global Warming. Which stated man had affected the level of CO2 in the air, and this had warmed the climate.
Plants and bacteria take in CO2, to do biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. And form extra life on EARTH: EXCRETING O2.
So global CO2 is capped at a pre-industrial 2ppm. It rose to 4ppm in the little ice-age: massive global cooling for you.
The Jurassic WAS a warm period, with 4ppm CO2 in the air – photosynthesis was less evolved. And it had 3 natural ice-ages. 1 lasting 650 million years, with 8ppm CO2 in the air – snow covered the land, and ice covered the seas. So less photosynthesis.
Now nuclear power didn't do biology, but it did fund physics and engineering. And there is an agreement. One department will not demolish the paid research of another department.
But the weather has 28 years short time periods of cooling and warming. The global climate started cooling 1995. Quick as a flash, a decided later, a natural bad hurricane year, nuclear power started promoting man-made Climate Change – letting everybody know, once the weather started warming, we would be back to Global Warming. 2023 – not long to wait now. Nothing to do with the Earth – all the planets in the solar system and controlled by solar cycles – that have a 28 year half cycle.
So for only 2.1 billion, nuclear power is STILL operating. With the last 33 years without sufficient insurance. The national regulators should have issued immediate stop orders in 1984: it is amazing what a bit of money can buy. The nuclear regulators weren't even that dear. Only 2 billion a year.
Or were they just very stupid – and did not understand biology and the carbon CYCLE?

So what you can't buy is the law. And it is very, very simple: no adequate insurance, the plant is shut down the same day. Get to it British Council.

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