Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why have an Apollo relay ship?

The Apollo mission put a relay ship in orbit around the Moon – no photographs of what could have been an unmanned ship. Why? There is no atmosphere – and ground based radio telescopes were strong enough, even in the 1960s to pick up the signals from a craft on the Moon.
So Apollo always landed on the bright side of the Moon. Where the radiation dose was fatal in 2 days – though an Apollo mission spent 4 days on the Moon.
By the time the craft arrived at the Moon, the astronauts would have been a dark stain on the walls of the craft.
No astronaut ever had radiation damage – though they did have drug problems, caused by the handful of radiation pills taken every day.
At Chernobyl, Russia – the leading space nation up to Apollo asked for these pills – and got activated carbon – to soak up the radiation: didn't work – all the fire crew died in agony in 2 days.
So no man has ever walked on the Moon – biologically impossible. Which is why the more advanced Russian lunar programme never took off: the Moon is instant death even today.
A Mars program? Get people safely to the Moon and back – and maybe in 2 centuries Mars may be possible.
Even America stopped pretending it got to the Moon, in 1974. Politicians said ;Of course we ddi'. Scietists said 'Can I have more research funding – to keep quiet?'

By the way, space radiation would have blanked all photographic film.

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