Friday, 3 March 2017

Water for Kenya

Along the sea shore, we use solar powered vacuum pump to apply 1m of vacuum head t osea water – we can do the same along rivers.
1 E=PV – here 0.1 x V so we produce 80 times as much water as for high pressure desalination.
No filters – and it is very safe. So this means the water is 1/20th the price of mains water. Which has to be pipes for 100s of miles.
So we break the dependence of well ater, or natural rain. We have limitless access to infinite amounts of nearly free fresh water.
We use solar pumps, to transfer the water vapour to high reservoirs. And when we vent the pressure, warm the cold auir, nad filla reservoir.  This will allow Hong Kong t osuck fresh water from the seas, and not have to import water from mainland China.
And China can irrigate teh Taklamakan Desert.

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