Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ultimate clean, free power

A hydrogen plasma. The plasma breaks up he hydrogen atom into hydrogen ions and free electrons.
1 xH2+TU->2(p++.xn0+e-) H+ = p++x.n0
So the H nucleus is a proton, bonded to 1 or more neutrons. At 3H, tritium, we start getting radioactive decay
2 3H+ ->E3+L+X-ray
So in a hydrogen, or molecular hydrogen plasma, we have naked protons, bonded to 1 or more neutrons, in chaotic interaction with free electrons. No shell electrons – the electron bonds with the single proton.
3 xH++n0->(x+1)n0
So the glass tube is our strand of neutron stars, where all the matter ends up sa neutrons.
4 16O2++n0->2(Be2++n0)+E->4(He+n0)+E->8(H++2n0)+E->16n0+E3
So the plasma acts asa strips of neutron star – the longest lasting energy structures in the universe. And nearly twice as exothermic as Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Which is harndy – as lightening gives us data.

A 50x1cm H plasma tube will release 2.4MW. It will run hot – so use silica glass, and have an air draft to cool the tube, we run at no more than 2 atmospheres. Our experience with steam plasmas melted 34 tubes.
We fired up the plasma at 0.04 atmospheres, and it shot up to 4. We tried a lot of tubes, and melted them, so decided this was maybe too dangerous to research.
Nazi germany was conducting experiments using heavy water and decided the same

The Third Reich: How Close Was Hitler to the A-Bomb? - Spiegel Online › English Site › SPIEGEL Magazine › World War II
14 Mar 2005 - Berlin historian Rainer Karlsch claims that the Nazis conducted three ... source," the Germans "detonated two large explosions in Thuringia.

Now we have our H plasma, releasing massive heat. We may end up putting the tube in a water bath, and running a small steam cycle: vent the pressure partly on the boiler room steam, to get super heated steam.
This will give us 500kW of power. Using a turbine bought over the internet. The plant will cost $30,000, but generate an income of 1.5 million a year.
So as the income comes in, we build more plants, up to 20MW. Of carbon free, non toxic power. The net reaction is
2 He+TU->E3+L+X-ray
The X-rays are contained in the plant. The steam cycle does generate O3 and He – every power plant in the world make these gases. We get an income of 20 million a year – we will nto be able to spend in a life time.
Luckily the Nazis killed all their nuclear scientist – and has stumbled on Molecular Nuclear Fusion – 30 years before scientists understood nuclear fusion.
So a steam plasma turns regular water into heat, at 4 atmospheres. If we do the electroysis of water, we only need 2 atmospheres. But a H plasma is looking too dynamic a structure to handle.
A steam plasma absorbs the heat, to fission the oxygen – in the atomic ball mill that is a plasma. The tube melting problem may make the steam cycle the way to go – but it is pricey,
We may end up with a subcritical steam plasma – we have to apply current to to maintain. The actual current is such a miniscule amount of the generated current. We use a crank handle to generate the power to start up the cycle.
No Fossil Fuels burn – and no hyper toxic radioactive waste. Present uranium nuclear power needs, but does not have, 100 billion a year insurance.

So all nuclear power is operating illegally. And must immediately stop. Fines of 10 million a year per plant, for illegal operation – for 33 years: since Chernobyl. And 10 years in jail per plant, for each plant manager. EDF's fine is 20 trillion – and every plant must stop – 33 years ago.
 Work started on my PhD at Sheffield University 2000 – illegally ended for no reason.

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