Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ultimate clean, free energy

A H plasma. We did the practical work at Sheffield University – but we melted 34 glass tubes – even silica glass. We should have sat the glass in a water bath.
A H plasma releases a constant 5MW at 4 atmospheres – melting the tube in 0.001 seconds: Yuio have been warned. No Fossil Fuels burn or CO2: and more importantly, no hyper-toxic radioactive waste.

Each operating nuclear power station needs 100 billion of insurance. Not available – so they bung the regulator. Most serious corporate crime in history – which is why Hinkley and Sizewell C have no backers.
Hinkley should have shut down in 1990 – planning can only be extended by a full Royal Commission – never held. All 20 nuclear plants in the UK, and 200 in the US illegal.
Now we tried the H plasma down to 0.1atmospheres – and once struck of it reaches 2 atmospheres. Which is the self sustain pressure for a H plasma.
So you have your strand of star in a glass tube. In Sheffield I was working on steam turbines, and this would have driven a 20MW generator: 60 million UK pounds a year as income. But the cost of the turbine. Read Study of Equipment Prices in the Power Sector - esmap
But there is a far better idea. A 72kW thermoelectric generator.

High quality 10kva 72kw diesel generator price with perkins engine ...
High quality 10kva 72kw diesel generator price with perkins engine,US $ 1000 - 3000 / Unit, ... 2016 hotsale thermoelectric generator powered by perkins.
Off the shelf – mains power. The tube runs at 3,000oC – hence the melting problem, So did steam engine fire tubes – which did not melt – deu to the presence of liquid water.
You can get high temperature thermoelectric pads, but we are best drawing in cold air. So we get loads of air at 350oC. Read up on the Seebeck effect. Never got to try this! Sorry.
The generator is commercially available, intended to turn waste heat into power. We use the H plasma to supply the heat. It is why radiant suns shine.
The physics is easier than a steam plasma – which is half as radiant, and self sustains at 4 atmospheres.
1 H2+TU->E3+L+X-ray E3=1.2MW from a 50x1cm glass tube, at 2 atmospheres.

So for $2000 you get an annual income of 13.6 million a year. An extravigant life you only get through 20 million – unless you are Prescilla Prestle.

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