Saturday, 25 March 2017

To make oil

This work was done by Sabatier, a French scientist in 1910. We start off with a 50x1cm steam sat in a water bath, generating steam at 100oC, 1 atmosphere. This passes up past a 25x1cm steam plasma tube – and we mix CO2, to get steam and CO2 at 350oC, and 1 atmosphere.
The pressure is important, and we now unburn CO2 and steam
1 CO2+H2O+E->CH4+O3
We are familiar with high pressure mathane and oxygen forming cO2 amd water
2 CH4+3O2->CO2+H2O+E Below 1 bar, the process goes into reverse.
Which is why low pressure methane burns with a smokey black flame, and at 1 atmosphere would not even light – that is the magic of thermodynamics for you.

Oil prize stabilises - while I am doing other work.  So a city can get CO2 from an air refrigeration plant – they will almost give it away. And we can make methane – natural gas. The steam plasma tube uses 10-26cc or regular water a year – very, very little regular water
nuclear fusion is that easy
3 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray the atomic ball mill that is a plasma convert matter into hgeat.
4 E=mc2 where m=10-12 and c2=1030
So we make natural gas, for free. But then we pass the methan down 8 Titanium honey comb catalysts, and get out light fuel oil
5 18CH4+CT+TU->CmHn m=12 for diesel, 16 for petrol. n=2m+2
So we produce free oil. And because it was formed from CO2 taken from the air today, when burnt it only releases the same CO2 – it is a carbon 0 fuel. So free C 0 fuel. You can drive your car on.
Which leases the CO2, we turn back into petrol and diesel. So a town or city makes its own petrol and diesel – no need for Fossil Fuels. All worked out over a century ago.

So oil at $10 a barrel – sounds over priced to me.

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