Saturday, 18 March 2017

So Dr.s cure no cancer

5% get better on their own. Dr.s prescribe biochemical treatments, and all this does is give the patient a 2 year decline to agonising death. Makes the Dr loads of money, doesn't help the patient.
Now 80% of cancer patients are getting better. So 75% of cancer patients are clearing their own cancers – using High Intensity UltraSound – medically proved to cure cancer 15 years ago.
I use 30 seconds of 8W 1MHz ultrasound.

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Dr.s have a 8W 3MNhz device, but prefer to prescribe ineffective, criminal biochemistry – and see you die in agony: the greatest professional psychopathic killing in history.
The have all promised to use best medicine – but will not use HIUS – because it earns them no money. The Hippocratic oath says BEST medicine. Or the Dr is struck off, and medical practice is a criminal activity. Uninsured, criminal medical malpractice.
So 75% are curing their own cancers. At which stage the GP has to fully discharge them – no medicine, or again they are struck off: no preventative drugs – as this is medically unproven, and totally illegal.
So Dr.s say 'Ultrasound?'. 'Yes' the patient replies. 'Thought so'. 'Nurse, send in the next victim, and I need a new prescription pad' the Dr shouts into his intercom. 'Why? You haven't written a prescription in 2 weeks!'. 'Shush' says the Dr, 'Don't tell everybody'.
That is his income stream – he only makes money by killing his patient – you! So cancer has been cured – but not by Dr.s. Never by Dr.s.
You have cancer, cure yourself – Dr.s don't. The earn money as you die, needlessly in agony.

HIUS cures HIV, heart disease, diabetes, metal illness. It cures all the diseases Dr.s can't. You are ill NEVER see a Dr. All Dr.s personally confirmed HIUS 2002. 15 years later people are still dying from criminal biochemical prescriptions.

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