Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sheffield University clear cancer

I thought up the use of high power ultrasound to restrict cancer growth, during my PhD work in 2000 at the department of engineering materials.
The Moffitt cancer centre tried it out, and found High Intensity UltraSound was a total cure to cancer: a 1 session total cure.
After 6 moths work, I found 8W 1MHz eternally for 1 minute was High Intensity UltraSound. Stop when you feel warming.
So a total, non biochemical cure to all 200 caners out there: not the 2 years agonising death given by pill prescription. So every Dr on Earth is prohibited fro the last 15 years from researching, teaching or prescribing biochemistry.
Dr.s that did, who had personally validated the effectiveness of High Intensity UltraSound, no longer Dr.s – for 15 years.
So the department could have a room full of nurses with 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage devices – and totally clear all 200 cancers.

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Since I thought of this idea, and had it medically proved, Dr.s have used biochemistry to kill 8 million Brits – 1 in 8 of the population. For their own financial gain.
So obviously not Dr.s. Thanks again for the PhD student who prodded me to look deeper into ultrasound.

Medical students whop were taught biochemistry – never Dr.s. So all graduating medics for the last 15 years, barred from health for life.

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