Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Molecular Nuclear Fusion from ammonia

 A free ammonia plasma in the air leases 172MW from a 1mx2cm plasma. In a glass tube, we do H fission – twice the energy.
0 2(NH4)+TU->N2+4He+2E E=1.2MW from a 50x1cm plasma
I learned on my degree, they use refineries to purify ammonia – such refineries will give off X-rays, as we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 NH3+TU->3H++N5++8e-
So we are talking about a power system 4 times more powerful than a steam plasma. So we strike up an ammonia plasma – and top up the gas from a cylinder of pressurised ammonia.
The ammnoia is produced from pressurised N and H gases, - the Haber-Bosch process. See
So we get amalgamation of the Hs with electrons
2 H++e- ->n0
3 N4++3n0 ->7H++3e-
then our big energy system
4 H++r n0+e-->Er3+L+X-ray
1 little cylinder, the size of a CO2 canister fro a fizzy drink maker, will heat and power a house for life.

We are talking about a constant 8MW of heat – site in a water bath to prevent melting. Which will give an annual income of 24 million. You will nto spend it in a life time, unless you are Priscilla Presley.

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